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2019 July Leo New Moon

Late on July 31, 2019 just before we slip into August we are blessed with a New Moon in powerfully positive Leo. A New Moon is a time of beginnings but since Mercury has not yet stationed direct we are not supported to start just yet. Instead we are offered space for preparing, a moment to center ourselves as we near the Lions Gate portal on 8/8/2019.

There were potent vibrations resonating through this most recent Eclipse Season & now we have the opportunity to catch our breath before we actualize the transmissions of healing & catalyze our realizations into action. Anything is possible now & we are graced with a moment to savor the potentiality before we dive into decision making or action.

Leo energies are proud, strong, caring, bold, beautiful & beatific. We feel charismatic, charming, & creative under it’s influence. This lionesque New Moon lends us confidence, keeps us upbeat, & offers us the patience to hold off for the optimal time to act while assuring us we look fabulous as we wait. Think lounging in the warm sunshine, half snoozing as we keep a sleepy yet keen eye on a herd that we will cull dinner from eventually. Right now we are relaxed & content, feeling strong & ready, knowing we already have everything we need for what comes next, out future success is undeniable.

On 8/8 the energies of the universe align & combine to provide a gateway for evolution & transformation. In Numerology eight (8) is the Number of Karma, the Wheel of Ka, the Great Provider & the Mighty Equalizer. We are gifted through 8 the energy to harmonize & monetize, the flexibility to benefit & profit, the ability to connect & manifest, & the power to stay heart centered through it all. 8 focuses us on self mastery, seeking the highest good, mind over matter, soothing the feral beast, & a general sense of conquering fears so you can comfortably share your authentic self.

Whatever came to light in the recent Eclipse Season, an epiphany or a project or healing, we now take the time to feel ourselves align with the Divine in collaboration of something spectacular. This New Moon in Leo brings the boost of confidence we need to prepare for our future excellence. Take this energy, this assurance, this warm burst of optimism to heart & gather yourself for your next adventure. Rejuvenate, regenerate, regroup, reassess. Use the time you have now to prepare so that you will be ready to act next week to craft something amazing through the power of the Lions Gate.

And you don’t have to go it alone! If you would like some help creating a personalized ritual for this profound portal, some assistance in understanding your best next moves, some suggestions for how to capitalize on your epiphanies or some insights on how to optimize energies please contact me. I am here to help!


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