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2019 August Full Moon in Aquarius

August 15, 2019 we are graced with a Full Moon in cool Aquarius countered by the Sun in fierce Leo. These two independent minded inluencers have us ready for something different.

Brave & bold Leo supports us to take action, to move forward, to feel confident, to charm others to our way, to embody specialness & breath magick.

Spiritually minded & socially conscious Aquarius elevates us to remember that we are all connected, that words matter, that we are all in this together, that inspiration comes from the strangest places.

This combination is intense & eclectic, electric & obscure. Make sure to ground yourself (with meditation, smoke, crystals, or salt), don’t take anything personally, ground some more & trust yourself to know what is for you & what is not.

As our thoughts & musings are sparked & enlightened we are encouraged to take steps towards a brighter future outside of the box, to take responsibility for ourselves & our collective evolution, to embrace spiritual transformation under the light of the Aquarius Full Moon.

Aquarius by Samson Ssenkaaba

And you don’t have to go it alone! This is an intense lunation & it might be confusing working with the zany Uranus energy that is prevalent over the next few days so please contact me if you need clarity, perspective, assistance, or support. I am here to help!


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