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2019 August New Moon in Virgo

Friday 8/30/2019 early in the wee early hours we are blessed with a New Moon in lovely Virgo heralding a weekend of digging in & grounding in. This is an unusually powerful lunation as all of the personal planets (Sun – ego & will, Moon – emotion & intuition, Mercury – communication & connection, Venus – love & money, Mars – purpose & might) are in earthy Virgo. It’s also a Super Moon with her heavenly body closer to earth (therefore more powerful of an influence) than most times of the year & all the more reason to ground, ground, ground.

Virgo is very work oriented, body centered, efficient & focused on Fixing, Solving, Healing. We can utilize this practical vibration best by channeling it into the personal projects or routines we are ready to begin or complete at this time capitalizing on the ‘let’s start’ boost of energy at any New Moon. The intensity inherent in this organized sign will be further inflated by the current cosmic influences & best harnessed with lots of grounding exercises so you don’t find yourself dedicating 43 hours of your weekend to categorizing your emails, rearranging your closet space or ironing all your socks, one by one.

We want to avoid the hyper-focused energies which can emerge under the influence of an un-grounded Virgo vibe as they can create more anxiety than productivity. Smoke or Smudge of your choice, dark crystals like Obsidian or Hematite, set a timer & schedule breaks, get in some time out in nature (barefoot) if you can, meditate, use positive cognitive affirmations, laugh, be mindful & generally pay attention to who/what is making demands vs where you know your verve & vim is best engaged for your highest good.

This is the kind of weekend where drama can come to play if you are not careful of not just yourself but also who you conspire with. For some the insistent energy of Virgo might necessitate elevating boundary setting over goal accomplishment. For others it might encompass a persistent drive to know what is (& what is not) yours. There will also be those who are drawn into the zone to energize their creative process through consistent, focused, grounded, collaborative transformation.

This is a weekend for passion projects, not just hard work but for self care too. Tap in & ground into the divine feminine with intentional focus & deliberate rest. We can both know our value & accomplish wondrous things in the light of the Virgo New Moon!


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