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2019 Pisces Full Moon

Overnight between Friday the 13th & Saturday 14th, 2019 we are blessed with a Full Moon in water sign Pisces countering the Sun in earth sign Virgo. When these two get together we are inclined to either sling some mud or mold something extraordinary. Kicking off with the supernatural Friday the 13th we are in for a weird, witchy weekend.

Pisces vibration is highly spiritual, mystical, over flowing with eclectic empathy & ethereal epiphanies. We feel deeply under this influence, pondering paradigm shifting parables & life altering alliterations allowing for awe & awareness to bloom & ooze out like bubbles of snot on a toddlers face. It’s dreamy, liminal, strange, bizarre even, with a gentle yet insistent assertion that anything is possible, everything is probable with the right perspective, & all you have to do is believe to make Magick happen.

Virgo offers a vibe of efficiency & practicality as it supports us in all kinds of work but most specifically physical, body centered, grounded activities that bring organization. As I wrote for the recent Virgo New Moon this influence has us focusing on healing, fixing, & bringing order. Combined with the Full Moon’s effusive Piscean elan we are immersed into abundantly creative, quirky, & inspiring emanations to help us make or take our next steps.

Creation is a big theme for this Moon as is enhancing our spiritual connections (often times the same thing) witch enables us to get down to the business of powerful Manifesting. This is an excellent time to pour yourself into something expressive or expansive, to explore a new way of understanding yourself & how you inform your reality to create your experience. These energies can also convince us that airing grievances & releasing pent up emotions RIGHT NOW will bring great catharsis & release. As long as this is done with awareness, mindful practices, & conscious communication, this can indeed be a wonderful opportunity to renegotiate or realign.

Being adventurous & open, verbalizing & vocalizing our truth, shifting perspectives to create an entirely new way of interacting, letting go of inhibitions, feeling inspired to re-start a long stalled project, exploring alternate modes of being, expanding into new arenas, engaging in long existential discussions, expressing our Shadow & being enticed (or enticing) into the unknown will be prevalent aspects through this weekend.

We are called out into the Wild, invited to Ritual with clarity, we gather with our conspirators & confidants, induced to birth our Truth, seduced into being our authentic selves & to stand firm in our power. This is a time to be bold, follow your curiosity, second guess your assumptions, double check your aspirations, & Manifest Your Destiny in the light of the Pisces Full Moon!

And you don’t have to go it alone! These can be confounding & confusing energies, if you feel like you need some support I am here to help. Please contact me to set up a Reading, a Healing or some Guidance.

Pisces Dreams by Serafice collaging Gaston Hoffmann piece Sirene


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