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2019 Aries Full Moon

On Sunday October 13, 2019 we are blessed with a Full Moon in fiery Aries countered by the Sun in receptive Libra activating the ME/YOU/WE axis as these heavenly bodies engage in a seductive tango.

Aries influence comes off strong & eager, it wants to get started, preferring action & forging ahead. This is a vibration of doing, being physical, & provides a nice boost. We declare “I AM” under this influence with confidence & enthusiasm.

In a harmonious fashion enchanting Libra seduces us with a calm embrace that is supple & receptive. This vibration invites us, it offers, it captivates & it incubates. We find ourselves shifting comfortably into a state of balance with this influence, replenished & observant.

What is the result of the blending of these potent energies? Confident, balanced, activated, actualized, powerful, healed, alignment with your purpose.

Tap into this unlimited potentiality through action, through physicalizing your manifesting, by leaning into that ready Aries exuberance to move ahead, get sweaty, leave what doesn’t work on the dance floor, find inspiration, & embrace your role as a Creator of something wonderful & new.

Take the lead, seize the opportunity, show up, declare your independence, meet an attractive stranger, choreograph your next moves, work out your formula, get a plan, give face, covert, commit, make art, make love, make magick, be at one with your potential in the light of the Aries Full Moon.

Evolution of an Aries Goddess by Jennifer McCarty

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