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2019 Scorpio New Moon

In the overnight between Sunday, October 27, & Monday, October 28, 2019 we are blessed with a New Moon in Scorpio ready to surprise, catalyze & inspire. This is a powerful & portentous lunation leading into a numinous week that includes Samhain, All Saint’s Day, Day of the Dead, & numerous other celebrations of the thinning of the Veil between our world & the next, witch means it will not necessarily be an easy one. Plus Mercury stations Retrograde on Halloween making it all the more esoteric!

Scorpio energy is deep & intense & will be amplified by a stellium of heavenly bodies (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus) occupying their domain. This vibration is highly emotional, transformational, insistent, sometimes stinging & always intense. Passions run high & tempers too, suspicions are triggered & truths uncovered, relationships are alchemized & redefined, wounds are exposed & healing finds it’s way in. And it is all best experienced with an air of inevitability as this is all for your ultimate well-being & highest good.

Under this influence we are welcomed into the depths, shown secret truths, & held accountable for who we are. Or is it discover who we are? Regardless, we are given an opportunity here to make deep & long lasting changes, to heal our most intimate traumas, shed scar tissue & baggage, shift paradigms & evolve closer to our true selves.

These are turbulent waters, murky & uncertain & this work is hard so be kind to yourself & others as you move through this next week, rely on your tools to keep your head above water while still being in a state of allowing. Change is inevitable, resistance is futile, & it will hurt less if you don’t struggle. You can however feel comfortable moving at your own pace, this is not a race but your participation will get you some great momentum.

At this time we are better able to connect with our ancestors & loved ones who have passed, collaborate with our guides, & commune with our divine nature ensuring that we are not alone & we are in fact supported in whatever it is we are ready for. Witch is marvelous news to those with a plan, with a dream or a goal who can allow this New Moon in Scorpio to help us resolve who we are & where we have been so we can have a clear path forward with nothing holding us back. And if we don’t have a plan, dream or goal already, this alignment will offer healing, inspiration, & empowerment so that we might find it in our own time.

Be receptive, withhold judgement, do the work that you are ready to do & save the rest for later. Know that the goal of the Divine is for you to be whole & flourishing, trust that you will continue to grow & build no matter how long it takes to get where you want to go. Keep focused on your healing & allowing for your dreaming at a pace that is comfortable for YOU. Stay in observation mode as much as possible, be open to what shows up asking for your attention, objectivity is key to keep you as clear as you can of the emotional debris so you can fly free in the light of the Scorpio New Moon!

Scorpio Transformation Collage ~ artist unknown

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