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2019 Sagittarius New Moon

Tuesday November 26, 2019 we are blessed with a New Moon in fiery Sagittarius to usher us into the coming holiday season & offer new opportunities, solutions, or answers to old problems, issues, or desires.

Sagittarian energy is bright, it’s warm, it’s engaging, it’s optimistic. At this time we are encouraged to see clearer, gain better understanding, & make progress forward. We grow wiser, plan better & more productively under this influence. It’s inspirational, transformational, & evolutionary as we are propelled further into our purpose.

We are also gifted a way forward that feels better, gets us farther, & keeps us strong through perspective. That person who annoys you? The family members who know where all your buttons are & which levers get the most response? Those co-workers who are not capable of doing their job & get in the way of you doing yours? Sure, once upon a time you would dance the dance & play the part in this miserable tableau but this lunation has a better suggestion, use the power of this New Moon to grow past them & out of their reach.

Recognize that the annoying person is really just lonely, anxious, & unfamiliar with how to be any different. Your family too are simply playing out the traumas & tribulations that have contorted them into nightmarish facsimile of familiarity. Not everyone does know better, or they may just be unaware of how to be better, or possibly incapable of being any different regardless of how much better they would feel. Or perhaps your story is one of independence through boundary setting & releasing the expectation that says you must endure to prove your worth.

However the free spirit of the archer shows up for you, you can be certain it will be with strength, compassion & a boost of confidence. Over the next few days journal, vision board, meditate, cast a spell, use your tools, re-read the Four Agreements, commit to the work of being more centered, more powerful & more fulfilled. And you don’t have to go it alone, please contact me if you are ready to work with these energies more precisely. Enjoy the light, let the Sagittarius New Moon show you the way!


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