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2019 Taurus Full Moon

Early Tuesday November 12, 2019 we are blessed with a Full Moon in grounded Taurus countered by the Sun in intense Scorpio & proceeded by the Awakening Portal of 11/11 the day before heralding a mighty resonance of abundance, healing, & transformation. This is a powerful alignment that sets the stage for the coming Eclipse Season & all the potential it will provide.

The players are heavy weight influencers: first the Master Teacher vibration of 11/11 opens the door for awakening & spiritual growth, then the Sun (in Scorpio) insists we go deep to examine ourselves, the Moon (in Taurus) offers support & inspiration to enhance our vision, Mercury (as it transits the Sun in Retrograde fashion) illuminates the truth found in the light, Pluto (in Capricorn) leads us safely & effectively through the dark while our understanding of love (Venus) value & luck (Jupiter) are clarified & expanded with the enlightened (in Sagittarius) wisdom of what is necessary to embrace & embody our divine right to long lasting well being, however we wish to define it.

It’s a potent mix of clarity & power enabling deep ancestral healing & opening the way to catalyzing truths & alchemizing transformative paradigm shifts. There is no hiding from what will be revealed, there will be no running away or pretending it gone. We are lucky though to have the profoundly supportive Taurean strengths of confidence & good fortune creating an auspicious environment for us to clearly see where best to invest ourselves to welcome the flow of abundance.

Here we are encouraged to face our shadow & love what we find, to embrace radical authentic integrated self love & draw it deep into our body, our mind, our spirit, our practice, & our heart. We are asked to love ourselves unconditionally as we claim our right to evolve into the powerful beings we truly are & integrate that knowing into our every day routines. We are shown how to be what we always secretly hoped we could be & the way to actualize our enlightenment.

Be open, trust in yourself & your guides, lead with your heart, stay objectively optimistic, remember that this metamorphosis is for your betterment, paint yourself in bright colors of empowerment & shine your unique Light brightly under the Full Moon in Taurus.

And you don’t have to go it alone! If you believe a Reading, a Healing or some Guidance will help you through please contact me, I am here for you.


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