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2019 Capricorn New Moon Eclipse

Just after midnight on December 26, 2019 we are blessed with a New Moon in Capricorn eclipsing the Sun (for a momentous second time this year) as we say goodbye to one decade & prepare to be excitedly launched into the Brand New World of 2020.

Capricorn energy is focused, hard working, loyal, & strong in it’s natural state with a drive & deep stamina to move forward. The amplification of this energy at a New Moon is magnified even more by the Eclipse & given a specially poignant edge of nostalgia as the force intensifies most specifically to a sense of devotion & desire for more better.

A New Moon is always an opportunity for growth or beginnings & with the boost from the cosmic alignments we are gifted a great EMPHASIS that will resonate into the New Year (about half way through) with the cadence of the eclipse. So we find that through thought & with planning we can set in motion what ever it is we intend for the coming year & the decade to come as we begin again with the might of the SeaGoat at our back.

It’s go time! There are many directions that you can chose to benefit from this energy with prioritizing our purpose or our profession as the most elegant & effective. We can set the tone for more, for better, for next with a practical eye towards to best way to just find the way forward into greater wellbeing, deeper connections, brighter lives.

It’s important to remember that this energy will find a way to be expressed whether you are conscious with it or not so we may come across other people, groups, organizations, factions or even find ourselves reacting in an unbalanced or over extended way. Pay attention to volume, & verve, while alert for vim, & verisimilitude. Be curious, be open, know that you are already exactly where you need to be to get to where you want to go next under the light of the emphatic Capricorn New Moon Eclipse.

Do better. Be better. Do. Better. Be. Better. Do!

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