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2019 Gemini Full Moon

On the overnight between December 11, 2019 & December 12, 2019 we are blessed with the last Full Moon of the year (& the decade) blooming in Gemini, blazing with the light of the Sun in Sagittarius, supported by a Capricorn stellium, spiced up with a dash of Venus verve, brought to awareness through the perspective of healing Chiron, & with a little Pluto intensity thrown into the mix just to make it interesting. It’s the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fantastic!

This lunation wants you to be happy & to feel free as these stars are aligned to make magick happen. Gemini energy is vivacious, engaging, & communicative; always ready to learn something new or start an adventure. Venus enchants & guides this energy towards those we love & value, assuring that our relationships are prioritized. Sagittarius suggests we take a stand, make a leap, & get right into the magikc of it all; urging that the time is now. Capricorn leads us to feel strong & capable while Chiron shares how to heal the wounds that limit. And through it all, Pluto insists we be meaningful.

This Full Moon will support us in making better choices in our relationships, sharing ourselves more genuinely with those we love, & clearing the air to allow for a deepening of the connections that mean the most to us. You may feel it’s time to have that heart to heart, find yourself willing to start to draw those boundaries you keep thinking about, able to say “no”, eager to finally say “yes”, & excited to shift the dynamics so that your heart may bloom more openly. Now is when truths are revealed & healings really settle in so we may feel more vulnerable or raw, but we also feel more ready.

This holiday season is all about being aligned & sharing yourself more authentically under the light of the Gemini Full Moon as we prepare to transition into a Brand New World of 2020. We are there, standing at the edge ready to make a change, ready to get real, ready to embrace our future, & ready to realize that we are supported (one way or another) in having healthier relationships as we move into this next cycle of our lives. So mote it be!

Gemini by Oliver Magdaleno

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