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2020 Aquarius New Moon

On Friday January 24, 2020 we are graced with a New Moon in Aquarius as the Brand New World of 2020 (22 {building} 00 {divine} 4 {structures of support}) resounds in an evolutionary tuning towards the rising divine with an inaugural lunation to set the stage for Transformation as we move deeper into this powerfully transcendent threshold.

Under the influence of this air sign we are asked to embrace different, welcome weird & progress forward. The Aquarian vibration is high minded, the antithesis of mundane & can come off as peculiar or odd as it encourages you to push through your every day malaise, to shake off your dis-ease, to re-define your boundaries, re-negotiate your relationships, re-fuel your evolution, & re-connect with your truth.

We are asked by this cosmic alignment to be open, to suspend dis-belief & allow our curiosity to lead us into places we normally would not venture as we seek balance with our shadows, inside & out. This can be unsettling & create anxiety as we address the unknown so be mindful as you move through this frequency, use your tools to create comfort & context, nourish yourself in body/mind/spirit, recognize & re-assure your triggers, refine your perspective & re-tune your energy, & always reach for help when you need it: no one wins when you burn out.

This is a wonky weighty vibration as it feels as if the fate of our world hangs in the balance or your ability to heal. No pressure, right? As a species we are being asked to do the hard work of showing up, taking the lead & refusing to settle for less than our hearts deserve. This means that though nap time may be over for humanity, it is critical you personally get the rest, support, & love you need to fuel your personal evolution & for some it will inspire you to more actively engage in our cultural revolution as well.

The supernatural & esoteric inflection of the Aquarian perspective will assist us as we spin grand ideas, fuel grand plans & spark grand disruption as we ride the waves of odd, strange, unexpected opportunities for growth pouring into the Brand New World under the Aquarius New Moon.

Water Bearer

And you don’t have to go it alone! If you are in need of guidance or support or inspiration, I am here to help.

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