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2020 Cancer Full Moon Eclipse

On Friday January 10, 2020 we are gifted a Full MOON in Cancer eclipsed by the Sun in Capricorn ushering in the new decade with a great flourish of intense energies to mingle, mangle, magnify, & marinate our psyche. The Brand New World of Visionary 2020 is upon us & it’s here to make some changes!

Cancer is a sign that is associated with Source energies of the Divine Feminine: Welcoming, Nurturing, Creating, Receiving, Quieting, Intuiting, Transforming, Connecting, Mysitcally engaging in the Etheric Realm of Imagination, Spirit, & Magick

Capricorn is a sign that is often associated with the Divine Masculine energies: Activating, Structuring, Supporting, Exploring, Warming, Utilizing, Physically working in the Real World of Practicality, Science & Reason

Sometimes we are strong, effective, & focused with the divine masculine supporting us, other times we feel an intense need for zero contact with the outside world & refuse to get out of our jammies as we release & recuperate in the embrace of the divine feminine. These are not bad days or good days, this is merely the symmetry & synergy of life, the reason we are here, to EXPRESS ourselves & RELATE to the world we find ourselves in while accepting tomorrow may be different, we may be different, but we are always in All Ways supported in being BETTER. This lunation offers & provides whatever it is that you need to move Yourself forward.

Some days we jump into the (active, thinking, material) masculine, some days we rely on the (healing, receptive, ephemeral) feminine to get us through; some of us effortlessly coordinate while some need more time or practice or elan to make the shifts or integration; some of us are comfortable with ourselves & some need more guidance to find clarity but we each & EVERY one of us have both energies available to us regardless of gender, status, or social norms. Women can interpret masculine ideas just as well as Men can embody feminine arts. Being mindful, being explicit, being INTENTIONAL in the way you use, utilize, & magnify these energies is where the real evolution {magick} begins.

In their natural state both of these energies are balanced with the other in relation to the individual needs & circumstances. Neither of these are exclusive states that inhibits or hinder the other, they are designed for collaboration, mingling, & blending. Balanced they collaborate to maintain positive growth, expansion, & develop momentum while emphasizing that there is a rhythm, a cadence, a flow of optimal energies that is initiated by the Feminine & propelled by the Masculine, nurtured in Her through activation by Him. One cannot be in balance without the other does not mean that every woman needs a man or vice versa. It means that once you understand Yourself, once you know your personal driving energies you will also know which vibrations to add or elevate to maintain your individual balance & propel advancement.

We have been gifted with Free Will & the inalienable right to choose our Fate so these aspects also have a twisted or perverted expression. Be alert, pay attention to the way you feel, do not jump to conclusions about your emotions (for example: crying is not always a bad thing, feeling active can be an expression of mania, it’s ok to not feel comfortable), do not assume ANYTHING (take nothing for granted), ask questions (of yourself & of those you respect), explore what can be subtracted or released, check in, take notes, step back, gain perspective, familiarize yourself with your triggers & how you can minimize, manage, or reduce them.

We have come to think of ourselves & our world as being binary, either Male or Female, tall or short, young or old, black or white, right or wrong, sinner or saint. The truth is we all exist on a grayscale of energy, a melange of vibration, a soup of influences, layers of experiences, & archetype displays & characteristics & responses that shift & blend & are constantly expressing these changes like the ocean expresses the MOON. Each of us is a diverse & unique individual that is influenced (but not determined) by the environment you find yourself in currently.


You are not what has happened to you, the “good” or the “bad”

You are not who society thinks you are

You are not the color or your skin or the parts in your pants

You are not who your parents, your teachers, your coach, your lover or who any other person expects you to be

You are not a victim of your circumstances nor are you trapped by them

You are not who you fear you are or who you wish you were

You are a sliver of the Divine playing at being a Human deciding if you are ready to be even more…

We are in revolutionary times, we are in Evolutionary times & the time for growth is upon us! As we continue to move our species forward we are gifted with an opportunity to find balance & grace, to merge & create, to transmute & inseminate, to elevate Ourselves through Divine Union by blending & being more devoted to the Better that exists in each of us. Understanding the influences you are engaging with, being objective (especially about yourself), experiment with playing in these seemingly disparate energies to give you a better foundation to build your Power & Purpose upon so that you may find your way by the light of the Cancer Full MOON!

Evolution, No.13, Group VI by Hilma af Klint

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