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2020 Leo Full Moon

On Sunday, February 9, 2020 as we shift into the new day we are blessed with a Full Moon in glorious Leo countered by the Sun in evolved Aquarius. This is a potent combo eliciting high emotions, high minded ideals, high energy actions, & higher consciousness expansion. How exactly this materializes (for you? against you? in spite of you? in celebration of you?) is up to you & how much of Yourself you are willing to take responsibility for.

Lion Spirit Animal
by Roberta Orpwood

Leo like it’s namesake is strong, bold, courageous, passionate, & adores attention. A fire sign with bravery & a bodacious flair for the dramatic who will always stop for a selfie (or 3), a grand entrance (even when exiting), or an enthusiastic effervescent effusing for everyone’s entertainment. The vibration of this mighty feline insists on being heard, will strut just because it’s strut-o’clock, & isn’t above a tantrum from time to time so keep your tools handy, your Shine on fleek, & libations at the ready.

Leo Zodiac Goddess
by Roberta Orpwood

The Aquarian influence focuses this intensity towards humanitarianism, cultural evolution, & community. Pride takes precedence, pride of self as well as pride of tribe but also pride of action & pride of responsibility. Yes, the lion can be somewhat selfish but the lioness under the Water Bearers influence aligns with the high minded idea of the value of Connection: she understands when it’s time to care (nurturing) for her young (creativity), she intuits (trusts herself) when they are ready to find their independence, she recognizes when to sunbathe (self care), she sees when to welcome new members & the value of fresh blood (new ideas), She knows when to hunt (take action) & how to be compassionate (heart centered) in her killing (release of what doesn’t serve) as she embodies her Queenery.

Queen of Wands
by Roberta Orpwood

This Leo Full Moon brings with her fire & ferocity as she asks you to Show Up or shut up. Mercury will station retrograde soon so this lunation is the perfect time to prepare, to set the stage for some internal reflection, to get ready for some rigorous examination of your gifts & potential, to begin to formulate a plan, to coordinate a deep dive into your Well of Purpose, & to welcome the revolutionary acceptance that things get better when we are focused on being Better together. We are gifted now with the grace, grit, & foresight to grok when, why, how, with who, if, at what intensity & for just how long.

Shamanic Chakra Goddess
by Roberta Orpwod

Bravely & with a Lion’s heart, wide & willing, Awake & Aware under the light of the Leo Full Moon we find our truth & the momentum to move Forward. We are enough, we have met the tipping point & it only gets easier. And you don’t have to go it alone! I am here to help if you need support or guidance.


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