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2020 Pisces New Moon

Early Sunday February 23, 2020 we are blessed with a New Moon in sweet Pisces to tickle our fancy, pickle our whimsy, & fancy ourselves something transcendent.

Pisces is dreamy weamy & wibbly wobbyly, highly spiritual, mystical, magickal & over flowing with eclectic empathy & ethereal epiphanies as it pushes limits & opens potent portals of potentiality. We feel deeply under this influence but we also feel otherworldly, improbable even & more importantly, illuminary.

This is a liminal influence: strange, bizarre, occult, our norms challenged & stretched, our perceptions deepened & sharpened as the Veil shifts, lifts, & insists we contemplate the treasures glimpsed. We have breeched the threshold, we find ourselves in tremendous times.

It’s Gathering time, Dreamtime, Witch’s glamouring, Sorcerer’s channeling, Alchemist transmuting, Starseed divining, Wayshower awakening & Fae folx fetishing time. We are all so grateful for the blessings gestating under the Pisces New Moon.

Fisheye by Vincent Cacciotti


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