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2020 Aries New Moon

On March 24, 2020 we are blessed with a New Moon in Aries to usher in a new season, a new vibe, a new reality. Normally I would write about how you can utilize the energy of this lunation to give you a boost of confidence to start a romance, to sweep away your doldrums with some epic travel adventure, to spark something fresh & bright in your professional arena as this is what Aries most often represents for us.

But this season is unlike any we have ever experienced before. We are in tremendous times & our darling daring Aries is here to share a vibrant air yes, just not in ways that we are accustomed to.

Because nothing can be what we are accustomed to, nothing will ever be the same again, not with the particular realities that we are facing. We are experiencing a global pandemic that will inevitably touch every single person in some way, those that remain will be transformed in deep & profound ways as grief always does. We are challenged to face our fears now, shift our understanding & embrace new perspectives that elevate our health & wellbeing.

At this historic times we are being asked as a collective, as a people, as a species to change our vision of ourselves, our world & our place in it. We are being shown how crucial it is to take responsibility for ourselves as individuals yes, & also for our collective. It is a story as old as the dawn of time, we only survive by adapting. By allowing ourselves to be transformed by the process, by working together, putting aside our differences & helping each other, by recognizing we are all much more interconnected than we have realized.

Under this buoyant Aries influence we do gain confidence & strength yes, strength so that we feel like we can handle re-defining our new realities. We are offered that burst of invigoration so that we can stay optimistic as we create new routines & settle into rhythms that feel strange. Bravery isn’t about pretending nothing is happening, real bravery is seeing what’s happening & responding with thoughtful consideration despite the chaos.

So get flexible, in your thoughts & in your coping mechanisms & use this powerful Aries energy to explore new ways to process. Use the drive to get conscious of your triggers, your thoughts & your coping mechanisms. We have to find the way to be better to each other & that starts with understanding what is within ourselves that prevents this from happening, Aries is the realm of Self. This focus on our internal struggles is the hard homework that is being assigned to us now, we must all do our part & know our role. Stay compassionate, to yourself & with others. Be mindful, take advantage of this time to fill your cup in whatever ways you can, & familiarize yourself with your triggers & your coping mechanisms.

Do you feel like you are stable, full with love & light & ready to glide through your day? Then find someone through an online platform or by phone that could use some support, someone you know or someone you don’t, we could all use a friendly chat or a giggle now & then to help us through these difficult times. Take care of yourself & all your shit first & foremost because you are a precious resource! When you are able, once you have aligned yourself enough to catch your breath please do what you can to help someone else, they are a precious resource!

Aries by Sharon Turner

And you don’t have to go it alone! I am still working offering sessions through the phone & over video call so please reach out if you feel like you need help & remember, we are in this together. {heart emoji}

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