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2020 Virgo Full Moon

Monday March 9, 2020 we are blessed with a Full Moon in Virgo (the Healer) countered by the Sun in Pisces (the Feeler) as Mercury [communication & connection] stations direct in Aquarius (the Free Thinker) & Jupiter [luck & good fortune] flirts with Neptune [mysteries & dreams] giving our expectations an evolutionary enlightened flair. It’s time to shake us up!

Things have been weird lately & intense too. We are being asked to PAY ATTENTION in new & interesting ways as we are also being encouraged to look closely at our triggers, deeply at our relationships, lovingly at our trauma. The old ways are dying, we are in the first new buds of early spring as we are shown how to create different forms, unique fortunes, unusual formulas, unconventional family & maybe even some new friends too.

Healing is tough, really tough & frustrating & sometimes confusing & often cyclical {are we really here again?!} & always exhausting. So very exhausting! One of the hardest parts of healing is being certain you are on the right path & finding yourself not getting where you think you should be then feeling defeated. In desperation we resort to tricks or hacks when in fact what we need is to take the time to completely reassess what we think is happening & redefine how we heal & how we deal.

Your brain is a supercomputer & your nervous system is a sophisticated alarm network that is misunderstood, misidentified, & mistreated. We don’t know as much about ourselves as we have been led to believe. We don’t get enough sleep, our food isn’t actually nourishing our bodies, our water is broken, our air is sick, & our fight or flight responses is in OVERDRIVE, we don’t even realize how unhealthy most of our relationships are or how overwhelmed we are to nearly a person.

As a collective we are too stressed out to even understand the ways in witch our bodies are trying to communicate with us. Fever is a language, so is sputum, so is a headache, so is a tan, so is an orgasm, so is a fart. You may not be allergic to wheat, it may just be your body trying to warn you about the pesticides that wheat is doused in. That fluttery feeling in your tummy you identify as “love”, have you considered it might actually be your trauma alerting you to a perfect abuser to work out your childhood with? How often are you encouraged to take time, to listen closely, to gather data, to sort through how You feel before you are asked to take action? Is that {[(person/place/thing)]} really the problem or are you just too worked up to see the actual issue?

We are not taught to pay attention, period. We are not shown how to listen to our bodies or to try to understand the languages that they speak so we can differentiate between what we think we need & what we actually need. We are not given a handbook, we are not encouraged to take our time, & there are unfortunately very few homogeneous cures (we are much more unique then our healthcare system gives us credit for), but here are some tips I find most helpful:

  • Be kind to Yourself, be kind to others, just be generally kinder
  • Get more sleep in a better bed with less distractions
  • Drink more clean mineral water, take longer bathroom breaks
  • Laugh as often as you can, cry as often as you need, do both openly
  • Make note of your cravings, catalog what/when/where/ & look for patterns even if they don’t make sense
  • Stop offering an apology, Start being ‘in service’ to the Solutions
  • Spend more time outside in green spaces, among the trees, near bodies of water; touch the dirt & observe the natural order
  • When you need answers connect with multiple resources for an array of suggestions before deciding for Yourself what is true
  • REFUSE to attach judgement to anything that you identify with! Especially what you crave, need, want, desire, find power in, wish for
  • RESIST judging others, it’s none of your business
  • Stop taking everything so personally! It’s never about YOU
  • Try to always reach for the good/better/best while at the same time acknowledging the pain/trauma/fear that propel you sometimes in tandem
  • Create boundaries that support a healthy body, a flexible mind, & a resilient spirit
  • Practice to perfection the Course Correction into Better alignment
  • Compare yourself only with Yourself, You just focus on You
  • Learn how to celebrate your failure just as excitedly as your success
  • Get comfortable being uncomfortable, it’s how you grow
  • Embrace taking responsibility for Yourself
  • Take deeper breathes, Take a longer pause
  • LISTEN: to your body, to your feelings, to your cravings, to Yourself without making assumptions or jumping to conclusions because listening is the most powerful part of communicating
  • Agree to disagree but never compromise on Anyone’s autonomy

With this curative lunation we find ourselves recipients of a transformative fresh breath of inspiration, an undeniably healing nudge of guidance, & a deeply cathartic understanding of our individual right to Wellbeing. We are invited here to heal & to grow & to find that we are Ready to get started, under the light of the Virgo Full Moon.

And you don’t have to go it alone! Please contact me if you are open to help healing, are in need of guidance, looking for affirmation, seeking inspiration, or even just to know for certain that you are not alone.

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