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2020 Libra Full Moon

Today, April 7, 2020, we are blessed with a Full Moon in Libra countering the Sun in Aries bringing our attention to the tensions between what we need as individuals & what the collective requires.

All over the globe we are all being asked to show up, to take the bold energy offered through the brave Aries influence to empower us to keep ourselves, our loved ones, & our fellow humans safe & healthy under Libra’s healing insistence of equity. At this time of uncertainty we are offered stability through being careful, taking responsibility for ourselves, & seeking balance within & without.

We find ourselves at this moment back in the Womb, in the embrace of the Great Mother, as we gestate our desires for Better as individuals, as a family, & as a species.

Through this expectant brewing of potential we find that some of us are turned inward to grow & heal the wounds that prevent us from getting closer to our greatest potential while others are drawn outward to find their strength & purpose through providing midwifing & support, caring protectively for those unable to care for themselves.

We are all of us though invited to rest, to recoup what has been lost, to let go of what isn’t working & connect to our changing perspective & evolving experience through more conscious attention to the messages that are easier heard in the sacred quiet of a Womb space.

You don’t need to produce at this time, getting birthed is hard enough so temper the programming that makes you feel like you must DO & pay attention to yourself without all the distractions. Grief takes time to process as does Birthing, don’t rush yourself through into a premature emergence. Focus on the internal language & the parts of you that you have forgotten are there, the feelings, understandings, connections you have not previously allowed yourself to embrace, know, feel; the parts of you that are sleeping steeped in the magick of the divine.

Focus on Yourself in the light of the Libra Full Moon & be renewed & reborn. And you don’t have to go it alone! I am still offering video & phone consultations at this time so please reach out if you need me.

“Earth” by Orupsia

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