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2020 Taurus New Moon

On Wednesday April 22, 2020 we are blessed with a potent New Moon in sensual Taurus to help us reassess what is most precious & valuable to us. Are we here to suffer in lack & fear or are we here to thrive in abundance & joy? The truth is in our perceptions of ourselves & our commitments to our experience of Self.

The Fountain of Self – Sensuality
by Maria Rozalia Finna

The themes we find surfacing when Taurus leads are all centered on our physicality & our sensuality, how we show up for ourselves, where {& why} we feel most comfortable, when we are in {or out of} alignment with our truth, & the myriad manners in witch we express ourselves & seek pleasures. This influence is centered on our lower chakras, our earth experience, our 5 senses (or is it 6?), our movements, our genetic predispositions, the ways we connect with Nature, how we feel in our bodies & ultimately, how we utilize the nectar of life as a motivator.

Tasting Her Own Nectar
by Maria Rozalia Finna

Body focused vibrations ask us to pay closer attention to our cravings & impulses, insisting that we decipher more distinctly what it is that we truly desire so that we are better equipt to savor them. Do you WANT because it feels better in your heart to have {whatever} or because that {whatever} is what you were told you should want? Or perhaps you are just so conditioned to be in a state of WANT that you have become numb to your personal satisfaction, are you sure about what you want & how to taste more fully of your experience? Do you know how to make your own joy or do you require someone else to make it for you? Taurus insists that we get real, that we have what we really truly desire & enjoy savoring its delicious elixir.

Blood Sisters ~ Ruby Dew
by Maria Rozalia Finna

Under this influence we want to taste, we want to feel, we want to deeply inhale intoxicating scents, getting caught up & swept away into rhythms, to run our fingers through silky tresses & along nubile curves, observing the effect of welcoming pleasure & the singular experience of finding yourself through dedication to satisfaction. We cannot help lingering, luxuriating, relishing & feeling ourselves tempted to abandon reason, to re-write rules & re-establish routines in more delightful & rewarding benefits.

Tasting Her Nectar #2
by Maria Rozalia Finna

There is an interesting numerological influence here as well. The vibration of 04/22/2020 reduces to 4/4/4, an amplification of the divine feminine as support structure for creative expression of self. In numerology the number 4 resonates “foundation” & offers a very ordered or supportive energy. This vibration stabilizes indulgence seeking & enchants us into finding our strength in our pleasure. It reminds us that we are supported in seeking our divine right to feeling good, that there is no wrong in wanting better & we should feel comfortable devoting ourselves to expanding the joy within, to creating structure to build our experience on.

Blood Sisters ~ Go With the Flow
by Maria Rozalia Finna

Taurus is here backing us up as deserving, stubbornly insisting that we get satisfied, that we are entitled to both pleasure & stability, now & always. We celebrate & commemorate our devotion to our sense of wellbeing & dedication to the idea that we are worthy of feeling good. Each & every one of us deserves to know & to feel how precious we really are, how important we are, how deserving we are of feeling good & having a safe space to express that goodness. We are all of us deserving of health, deserving of being & feeling well, deserving of pleasure & indulgences of our experience.

Levitatia by Maria Rozalia Finnah

On the surface the message of this moon might sounds a lot like “I just want to feel good” witch it does AND it’s also tempts us with delicious heightened awareness, teasing us into an unfolding of the deeper mystery within that truth, encouraging us to spend some more time thoroughly exploring the heady potions & potentials this lunation drizzles upon us. And you don’t have to go it alone! As always, contact me for support or guidance through the propositions proffered.

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