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2020 Gemini New Moon

On May 22, 2020 we are graced with a New Moon in Gemini giving us a boost of gamine energy, an indulgence of understanding, a soupcon of enlightened perspective & a generosity of divine spirit bringing some much needed relief as we welcome a clearer, clarion vibration.

Not to say that “All is right in the world” though, not to fabricate or to fantasize ourselves into delusional thinking. The illusions of the past are coming undone & this current frequency allows us to feel more confident in coming to terms with, & finding our footing in, our current reality.

The sign of the twins encourages careful consideration of our communications & connections so that we can pay closer attention to, & be more discerning with, the information that we consume, the beings we consort & collaborate with, & the world we are co-creating through our shared perspectives.

Gemini influence is bright & creative with a touch of whimsy, warm & engaging sharing sparks of hope & glitters of inspiration as it gifts a flexibility to our mind that supports shifting our choreography to harmonize with our divine selves as we twirl deeper into collective transformation.

This lunation brings an invitation to be in better alignment with our inner truths & higher selves, to tenderly embrace our most vulnerable aspects & resolve to do better at protecting them, to be more adept at our duet.

This is an excellent time to closely examine communication, connections, assumptions (especially those that are tied to your relationships) & the ways you tell your story: to yourself & to the world at large.

Utilize these energies to do some “spring cleaning” in your thought patterns to eliminate the perspectives that encourage self-loathing or self-righteousness over self-care.

We get through together, staying heart centered & compassionate with ourselves, our loved ones, our planet, & our collective under the light of the Gemini New Moon.


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