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2020 Scorpio Full Moon

On Thursday May 7, 2020 we are blessed with a vibrant Full Moon in intense Scorpio countered by the Sun in grounded Taurus. This alignment focuses our attention on the fulcrum of our feelings, bringing our awareness to our deepest held emotions & offering an unleashing to eliminate pressures that threaten to bog down or blow up our dreams.

We may find ourselves catapulted into cathartic purge & release, shedding limiting beliefs & self pity, freeing what wounds & maims from within the shadow of our subconscious so we can openly defend ourselves with love, shifting the balance of our ancestral karma into divine alignment, divesting ourselves from perceptions that are mired in shame or guilt, assuming divine nonchalance as we sort the myriad stories of the past to declaw those that threaten to shred us & treasure those with the magick to embolden us through transformation.

This lunation insists we get real about who we really are, be honest about how we truly feel, be proactive about who we actually want to be, & to take responsibility for ourselves. The biggest message of 2020 the entire Year of the Emperor is distilled into this moon: this is your body, these are your emotions, it’s your life so TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR IT.

We focus on our wounds so that we can clear out any infecting resentments or misunderstanding, so that we can identify where to let go & where to harness. This moon wants more than anything to show us how to use restraint to grow stronger. We are undergoing a revolution in evolution; we are re working, re writing, re wiring ourselves into better visions, clearer variations & more holistic versions of humanity. We seek to be more through elimination of lack: more conscious & more conscientious, more heart centered & more compassionate; more of our divine Self to ourselves & to our Collective.

This lunation focuses on our karma, on showing our historical choices in a new light highlighting our free will, the power of forgiveness & the results of it’s healing expression. We are invited to understand the impact of our thoughts as they relate to our physical experience & how that in turn effects our emotional well being & is embedded within our spiritual expression. We are only ever what we think we are so think about yourself kindly, divinely.

We are now gifted the vision to see how our individual choices impact the whole, our choice resonates through not just our whole Self (body mind spirit) it resonate throughout the Collective as well. We are given the opportunity now to understand just how interconnected we really are. We get to know that we are not alone, we are in this together.

It’s time to clear the air, shake out the funk & clean up the junk! This moon wants to get down into the deep, all the way to the bottom to the very Deeps of the Deep Down Deeps. This exploration is not to wallow or to wonder on our wounds though, it’s to let the healing in. We go down into the depths to clear them out so they don’t fester or wen. This is an opportunity to let in more light & to claim our divine Sovereignty within the gloaming.

Clear it out if it doesn’t work & let it go if it keeps you low, most of all hang onto what brings you to Yourself. Claim what delivers glee, what comforts & what relieves most tenderly while the rest is rinsed clean in the healing waters of perception. We are encouraged now to feel ourselves, to feel ourselves true, to feel ourselves holy & whole under the Scorpio Full Moon.

I’ll start first, join in whenever you feel you are ready…

I love you I am sorry please forgive me thank you

I love you. I am sorry, please forgive me. Thank you.

I love you, I am sorry. Please, forgive me thank you.

I love you. I am sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you!

I love you, I am sorry please forgive me. Thank you.





I love you I am sorry please for give me thank you

Scorpio by Blaze Warrender


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