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 “I like Serafice‘s honesty, clarity, kindness and the care she took to give me an accurate reading. Serafice became the life coach I needed to heal from the painful situation I had placed myself in. She counsels me on a regular basis and has taught me how to open myself spiritually. With a teacher and counselor like Serafice I have been able to learn how to be my own best advocate, how to lead a more spiritually fulfilling life and how to listen to my spirit guides so that I may have the joyful life they wish for me!”

~ EK in South Carolina


“When I needed some guidance for my next chapter in my life, Serafice was able to distance read me (internationally), and not only help me, but saw things that she could never have known. She is a true master of what she does. Serafice is the real deal.”

~ AC in Denmark


“I’m a writer, but I have a tough time finding words to express how crucial the services of Serafice have been to my development, both professional and personally. She is my greatest fan and cheerleader, but never hesitates to tell me exactly what she thinks, even if it conflicts with what I want to hear. As a life coach and psychic she guides me unerringly toward sound decisions and through upheavals that would have been much more difficult to endure without her soothing presence and sage advice. I have no doubt Serafice is ushering me toward the best version of myself I can be.”

~ JG in Tennessee 


“Whenever I am feeling stressed out I schedule some time with Serafice. An hour with her and I am ready to deal with anything!”

~ KT in Pennsylvania

Serafice has been a consistent and  patient healer for me. She has handled my sensitive issues with the utmost care and compassion bringing me a healing and peace I can’t find in any doctors office. “

~ SS in New Jersey