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Phone, Text, & Video Readings available everywhere


Live Readings via Zoom, Messenger, or phone (fulfilled within 3 business days)

60 minute Psychic Tarot Card Reading – $120
For a more thorough, in depth deep dive into the energies, themes & activity around you including possible outcomes, potential roadblocks & most favorable actions.
30 minute Psychic Tarot Card Reading – $70 
This is my most popular offering. Within this Reading we can cover in depth a specific area of your life, provide a general overview, look ahead to the forecast for the next 12 months (great for birthdays or New Years) or figure out what are the obstacles impeding your progress & how you might remove them
15 minute Psychic Tarot Card Reading – $35
Just enough time to get the answers to a questions or 2 related to one theme or area of your life

3 card Psychic Tarot Card Reading – $15
There are a number of options with this Reading. Past/Present/Future. You/Your Current Path/Your Potential. Body/Mind/Spirit. Within/Without/Advice. You/Your Partner/Your Relationship. Energy/Action/Solution. Your Reading will be emailed to you with a photo of the cards and a detailed description & interpretation. Please let me know if you want help determining which spread is best for you.
TEXT READING via cell, Messenger, Skype
Psychic Tarot Card Reading – $10 for 3 minutes
With this option you get 3 minutes of my time through cell, Messenger or Skype text. This amount of time will allow me to answer a few related questions around one topic/theme or you can buy in bulk for a longer, more thorough readings

Please remember that free will is alway in play, future outcomes can shift & change based on the decision made by the parties involved. Crafting a question is important for getting the answers you are looking for. Yes/No questions don’t work as well, more open ended questions will get you the most clarity. Think in terms of:
  • What are the possible outcomes?
  • What is my love forecast for this year?
  • I want to relocate, where is the best potential for me?
  • I need help choosing between….?
  • How will this relationship develop?
  • What can I do to steer this (situation/career/relationship) in the direction I want?
  • How can I best utilize my gifts & talents?
  • What can I expect from/in …..?
  • What can you tell me about my child that will help me in raising them?
  • What should I know about my (situation/environment)?
  • Where should I be focused for (spiritual/professional/relationship) development?
  • How can I best direct my energies to accomplish….?
– Be open &  be honest
– Provide me your name & date of birth for the most accuracy
– Give me any relevant information (other people involved, circumstances)
– Specify your question, expectations, or desire
– If you are asking about Matters of the Heart please provide your gender (male, female, trans, non-binary) your sexuality (gay, straight, pan, bi) relationship type (committed, poly, kink, casual, cheating) I don’t judge any choices, it’s just easier to decipher the energy/messages coming through when I have a foundation of understanding
– I work almost every day but am never available before 10am or after 10pm EST
– I will be in touch to coordinate your Reading within 24 of purchase to be completed at a mutually convenient time over the next few days
~ make suggestions of crystals, essential oils, meditations, activities, affirmations, & items that will assist you with your situation but that I do not sell
~ connect with your energy, your spirit guides & guardians to determine what you need
~ share what is possible, what is probable, what is unlikely based on my psychic impressions
~ relay anything I pick up about lost loved ones
~ reserve the right to refuse service
~ be funny
– determine your fate (I help you see the possibilities & understand potential outcomes)
– predict lottery, sports, stocks, elections, competitions
– cast spells or remove curses but I can teach you how to do it for yourself
– read minds (I interpret energy using psychic abilities)
> I am a professional Psychic. I am not a Lawyer, Doctor, Accountant, or Investment Banker. >> I must also say that these readings are for entertainment purposes only & I am not responsible for what you choose to do with the information I provide

Reading Options

BEYOND QUANTUM HEALING (available via video or phone call)

⇒ These powerful and transformative hypnosis sessions are a 3 hour commitment for $396 currently discounted to $222 for a limited time!

⇒ I also offer a mini BQH session for returning clients with a 2 hour commitment for $284 currently discounted to $222 for a limited time!!

please email me at for more details

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