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Beyond Quantum Healing

Beyond Quantum Healing is a hypnosis technique that was developed by Candace Craw-Goldman as the next iteration of Dolores Cannons transformative work in past life therapy through her development of the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique. One of the things that I appreciate the most about BQH is that it is flexible enough to include concurrent, parallel, future, and ascended master experiences and perceptions. 

Through this work we can explore any aspect of self (spirit guides &/or soul family, behaviors, hang-ups, programmed responses, coping mechanisms, relationships, blocks or barriers, paranormal experiences, gifts or abilities, characteristics, themes and karmic debts etc.) bringing greater clarity and better alignment with your soul purpose, a clearer understanding of your life experiences and the energies present to assist you on your journey in this life.  

I have been honored to be able to assist my clients in meeting their guides and guardians, connecting with their soul mission, retrieving valuable perspectives, receiving guidance from their soul family and ancestors, and experiencing intense connection with divine source frequencies. This practice is not attached to any religion or ideology, you meet who you resonate with on a soul level and who you are aligned with vibrationally and most specifically those that you are already in relationship with. 

My BQH sessions are done over video call so that you can be comfortable and at ease in your own environment while we explore together. They include a guided meditation and healing for whatever brings us together and you will be provided with a recording to keep and re-experience as many times as you wish. My sessions are always unique, sometimes funny, usually heartwarming, and always a valuable grounding experience.  

Reasons to get a BQH session: you want to explore being human, you want to shift dynamics and clear attachments, you wish to understand your life/dreams/perceptions on a deeper level, you seek to receive guidance and direction from your higher self, you desire to process emotions &/or experiences through a more objective perspective, you are ready to awaken and activate your gifts, you want to gain clarity, you are ready to expand your consciousness and connect to your divine self. 

~ Things heard during session ~

I feel so much gratitude and love! It’s my family, my soul family is here!

I get it, this is where I leave this behind for good.

That was so cool!

I feel so light, so free, so ready!

I am aglow.

I was aware of all of me, every life and every experience that I have ever had and I am awesome!

I think I have a tail, no legs, just a tail like a mermaid but I am not a mermaid.

That was incredible!

I am her soul, I am her truth.