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Home Healing

Since starting my Home Healing business I have received a lot of questions about the work and I wanted to answer a couple of general questions regarding the subject. Basically, we come into your home, communicate with any spirits, assist in transitioning them through the channel, then raise the vibrational level and energetically balance and bless the home clearing any energetic blocks. My mission is to leave your home feeling peaceful and tranquil so as to foster a sense of wellbeing for you and your family.

You do what?

I both have been gifted with a natural intuition and talent for communicating with spirits which was given an incredible boost with the Reiki training. I have a knack for giving spirits closure and acceptance of their death and get them willing to transition. My energetic sensitivities and mastery of Reiki allow me to clear any negative or stagnant energy and create balance and tranquility in you home.

Why are you doing it?

I was guided towards the work of clearing homes by my spirit guides and given an understanding that it is very important globally as well as on an individual level. Clearings have a cumulative effect to help in healing the earth and raising vibrations for the benefit of all in addition to assisting individuals in living healthier lives. The more homes that are healed, the stronger and more balanced the earth becomes for everyone’s benefit.

How does it work?

When we go into a home we are often met with resistance from the spirits dwelling within. Most of the time the earthbound spirit is reluctant to crossover initially due to fear and is still unsure of what type of existence they will have once the do.

A lot of what I do is like therapy for ghosts. We figure out what their issue is, help them work through it and get closure so that they are willing to transition. Fortunately, they are often open to what we have to say and once they are able to feel the love and acceptance that comes through the channel they are persuaded to transition. There have been a few spirits that preferred to venture out into the world rather than stay within the home but generally we are successful in coaxing them into the channel.

What if they come back?

By raising the vibrations of the home we make the property uncomfortable to earthbound spirits and most will be reluctant to come back into the house once we have finished. We do recommend regular upkeep of the energetic wellbeing of your home with seasonal sageing and regular Reiki treatments for those individuals prone to bringing home spirits.

What if I want to keep my ghosts?

Earthbound spirits effect the humans they live with in numerous negative ways. Even those spirits that are generally content and non-disruptive have an impact on your health. If you are more energetically sensitive, your sleep and digestion will be disrupted. Even if you are completely oblivious to them, the spirits cannot help but drain energy from you just by their mere presence. Also, lets not forget that the reason they are here is because they missed their opportunity to transition and given a choice most want to go through the channel to be reunited with their loved ones.