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Life Coaching

A Life Coach works by partnering with their client to motivate, support and inspire them to achieve personal or professional goals. As a Psychic I am uniquely qualified to assist you in obtaining your objectives, to help you overcome your obstacles and optimize the oomph in your life. Over the past few years I have had the honor to co-create evolution, revolution, inspiration and motivation for clients in a variety of situations with hugely positive results including:


    • Law of Attraction:  I can teach you how to work with this concept to build a more abundant, prosperous life for yourself


    • Divorce In addition to my own personal experience I have also helped many others navigate the trials, tribulations and triumphs involved all through the process


    • Problem Solving:  I offer unique perspectives to creating solutions, recognizing opportunities and finding answers to problems big or small in your personal life or your professional life


    • Health & Wellbeing:  I can provide personalized meditations and affirmations for peace of mind or spiritual growth, options for weight loss and detox, help in stopping unwanted habits as well as introduce you to a wealth of tried and true ways to create a balanced, healthy, happy lifestyle


    • Intuition:  I can show you how to open to your gifts, connect with your guides, learn to use divination and build trust in yourself


Using a unique potpourri of tools & techniques that focus on a wholistic approach to living (mind, body, spirit balanced with real world practicality) I offer nurturing support, inspired solutions and tangible results through a individualized process designed specifically for you and your situation. Even if you are uncertain exactly what it is that you want to shift, if you are looking to make a transformation in your life, I can help.

The first step is to contact me for a free assessment where you and I will chat on the phone, in person or via video call to establish what it is you are looking for and how I can help you. Since we will be working closely together, chemistry is vitally important, it is crucial for you to feel comfortable with me so you can have confidence in me.

We will establish what it is you need and how best we can work together. In some instances my clients are merely looking for one or two hour-long appointments to generate solutions for a particular circumstance, some I work with on a weekly basis for a few months to initiate change and some are looking for regular monthly sessions to maintain momentum. Whatever it is you need to feel successful in your life, I am here to help you find it!