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Often we feel alone & adrift in this chaotic world, without any guidance or advice to help us through our days. I am offering a number of services that can help you in your trying times or assist in problem solving. Through much personal growth & dedication I have increased my natural ability to communicate with spirits both earthbound & guides, honed & strengthened my intuitive abilities & deepened my connection with the Ascended Masters. I am able to offer insights & provide answers from a spiritual perspective that can illuminate options, open your mind to new possibilities, create an environment for healing & help you create peace & calm in your life.

For centuries people have turned to the powerful & popular tool of Tarot not just for entertainment but to gain insights & information on how best to navigate through their lives. By tapping into symbolism, ancient archetypes, your own personal energies & through use of my intuitive abilities I am able to use the Tarot to decipher information about your life & how you might best move forward in any number of areas. This form of reading can be very detailed & extremely accurate. Whether you are looking for guidance on your love-life, career, money or personal relationships; the Tarot is an excellent way to gain perspective. Ask about my Tarot Party’s!

I am able to offer Intuitive Mentoring to those seeking help in finding their way. My experiences & intuitive abilities allow me to be a great resource for those seeking to understand their own abilities, their path here in this life & how they might fulfill their potential. Wether you are looking to deepen your own reiki practice, learn how to meditate successfully or achieve some other personal goal; I can help.

I am also offering my abilities to hear & speak with the spirits of the dead to those of you who wish to communicate with loved ones that have already transitioned.

A pendulum is a tool used for communicating & gaining guidance from the spiritual world through simple yes/no questions. It is an ancient and accurate form of divination that has been used for centuries to foretell the sex of babies, determine where water is, provide auspicious dates & give guidance on any number of topics. When used for divination my crystal pendulum acts as an antenna & amplifies the signals of my spiritual guides allowing for clear communication. I am able to provide answers to basic questions with input from not only my guides but yours as well.

I am able to channel directly my spirit guides & am now offering you the chance to experience their healing words of wisdom. This ability allows me to ‘step out’ and gives you the chance to speak directly with the other side to receive insights & information.